Creativewear PLUS

CreativeWear PLUS builds on the otucomes of the MED CreativeWear project that in the years 2016-2019 brought a new attention to creativity, design, and artisans for territorially rooted productions in Textile & Clothing (T&C). At that time five Creative Hubs pooled together artists, designers and creatives with T&C businesses in 4 MED countries like Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Greece. The experimentations led to the so-called CreativeWear Model, a model for creativity boosted T&C creations that was firstly extended to seven new Creative Hubs with an Open Call in 2018 and then incorporated into the TCBL H2020  project network of innovation Labs in 2019.

Now the new CreativeWear PLUS project will have three original CreativeWear partners from Italy and Greece pair up with three new Hubs in Portugal, France and Bosnia, to further extend and apply the CreativeWear network. Stronger focus on sustainable fashion in the context of the Circular Economy will highlight how Mediterranean creativity, design heritage and T&C knowledge can contribute to green innovation.