Why & How

This section is about CreativeWear PLUS that started in June 2021

The MED space has a rich heritage in textiles and fashion that lies at the basis of an important industry that has been recently hit by the COVID-19 Crisis. The resulting drop in consumption and disruption of global supply chains is shifting the attention of both consumers and producers towards more sustainable fashion patterns in the context of the emerging circular economy.
The Mediterranean heritage of natural fibres, textile heritage, and artisan knowledge can significantly contribute to this transformation, if the industry upholds a cultural shift in its business practices.

The CreativeWear Plus project takes up the results of the former CreativeWear project (2016-2019) to help the T&C industry recover from its structural crises through an increased attention to design, quality and territorial identity in a value-driven, customer-driven approach to production.
In CreativeWear Plus, three original partners from Italy and Greece pair up with three new Hubs in Portugal, France and Bosnia to further extend the CreativeWear network.
CreativeWear Plus builds local ecosystems interconnected at Mediterranean level that highlight the specifically Mediterranean contribution to the recognition of the important role of the T&C industry in the transition towards a Green Economy, linking creativity to the symbiotic relationship between tradition, nature and innovation while concretely addressing the challenges of the Circular Economy.


This section is about CreativeWear that was implemented from November 2016 to June 2019

Business model innovation as a form of social/societal innovation has emerged in EU policy as a key area for the effective transfer of research and development to the market. For the Textile & Clothing (T&C) industry, the need to creatively innovate existing and traditional business models goes beyond the current “fashion industry” to embrace the wider scope of artistic and design thinking.

CreativeWear is an Interreg MED project aimed at revitalizing the crisis-ridden T&C sector through a new attention to creativity, personalized design, and artisan and small-scale production, for territorial value chains led by customer-driven business models.
The project sought to recover and valorize the design heritage and “making” knowledge of Mediterranean cultures by bringing renewed creative energy to T&C clusters and industrial districts. It established a network of Creative Hubs that experimented different ways of supporting cooperation between creatives and enterprises. Pilot testing of these approaches validated new, more sustainable business models for cultural and creative industries that add value to T&C businesses in the Mediterranean. Successful solutions have been extended trans-nationally to similar/complementary Creative Hubs in the MED area and beyond.