Who we are


Prato Textile Museum is Italy’s largest centre for study, conservation and exhibition of historic and
contemporary textiles. Researches, exhibitions, educational activities, conferences and other cultural initiatives to enhance and communicate textile heritage are the main actions of the Textile Museum's mission. An important part of this mission focuses on all those activities enhancing European textile heritage as a source of inspiration for the contemporary industry of fashion, as an added value and quality of new brands and products.


ARCA is a consortium for the application of research and the creation of innovative enterprises, which has been active since 2003 and has exploited a partnership between the University of Palermo and a private entrepreneurial group committed to industrial research and technological transfer. In 2005 the Consortium started up the ARCA Incubator to promote and assist the generation of innovative business initiatives. In a complementary and integrated way with the activities of the incubator, we promote industrial research and technological transfer programs customised to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, networks and industrial districts. We are strongly committed to transnational cooperation programs; we carry out social innovation initiatives in collaboration with other local development actors.


CRETHIDEV is a non profit company, which focuses on research, as well as development of studies and action plans for local communities, mainly in the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, innovation, employment and local development, health, athletics and culture. Special attention is paid to consolidating the skills of the young - especially those of higher education - to the demands of the labor market and motivating them to seek employment in their own region to promote local quality of life.


PRISME is a Cooperative of Activities and Entrepreneurs (Coopérative d'Activités et d'Entrepreneurs), based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (ST Gervais sur Roubion) and Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur (Marseille) regions.
Prisme is a shared enterprise that brings together entrepreneurs-employees around the values of mutual aid, co-decision, shared governance and collective thinking. Any entrepreneur who shares these values can be welcomed, whatever his or her activity. The cooperative offers personalized entrepreneurial support according to the needs of the entrepreneur, in a collaborative and benevolent framework. A virtuous circle is created: each entrepreneur co-constructs and seizes the opportunities generated by the collective, while the history and strengths of each individual feed the originality of the cooperative and the richness of the collective projects. Thanks to its legal status as a Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (SCIC), the Prisme BDC can mobilize and associate multiple players around the same project: employees, public authorities, volunteers, companies, associations, individuals. This particularity makes it possible to multiply the resources and levers to bring a project to fruition. It also gives real meaning to the term "collective".


The Žepče Development Agency is a driver of change in the Žepče municipality. Its role is to proactively act within the set strategic development plans with other actors of local economic development to create a favorable environment and better living conditions for the inhabitants of the municipality of Žepče.
The key role of the Žepče Development Agency is in: identifying new development opportunities; defining local strategies; performing local marketing activities; promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, helping and directing the development of small, medium and large entrepreneurs through education and business consulting programs, project management, attracting domestic and foreign investments; participation in European Union assistance programs; establishment of business zones and incubators, business, innovation and technology parks, development of human resources for the needs of the private sector, and has a special role in the development of rural areas through the development of agriculture and tourism.


The University of Évora is one of the universities belonging to the Portuguese public higher education system. The UE is a center for the creation, transmission and diffusion of culture, science and technology, which, through the articulation of study, teaching and research, is integrated into the life of society. The vision of the university favors the region background, the Alentejo, in which operates, choosing it as the preferred target of its effort to socialize knowledge; shares identical human, cultural and scientific values with the European Community; prioritize strategical alliances with the neighboring regions; seeks to expand its mission into the Portuguese-speaking countries, not forgetting, at the same time, the current challenges related to a global “world” for which the students must be well-prepared. Its mission involves the production of knowledge through scientific and artistic research, experimentation and technological and humanistic development as well the socialization of knowledge, providing the traditional student population, as well as the working population, with academic qualification through undergraduate, master's and doctoral courses, ad hoc  training courses and informal training throughout life