Athens Pilot (The Art Hub)


The Art Hub in Athens mobilizes the diffused creativity of artists and other territorial stakeholders to raise awareness towards sustainable, eco-friendly production and social innovation, paving the way for business model innovation for the T&C industry. Main objectives of The Art Hub (Athens Pilot) are the promotion of new eco-friendly, sustainability-supportive and socially responsible consumption of T&C consumers, the improvement of the production processes in T&C through the adoption of social or technical innovation by T&C businesses and their workers, the invention or inspiration of new uses or designs for existing products or of radically new products offering opportunities to develop new T&C business and the promotion and value-recognition of existing products of T&C. The activities designed consist mainly in the organization of workshops with creative communities, providing consultancy, shape creative proposals for the T&C industry and planning specific creative interventions linked to TBCL business cases.

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