Bari (The Identity Hub)

Coordinated By Inmatex (Interaction Material Experience Lab), Polytechnic University Of Bari (Italy – Puglia)

The Identity Hub intends to convey the knowledge of Apulian production processes of identity that, entering into a relationship with designers from around the world, will activate innovative processes able to enter into a production circuit "transcultural" and thus international, local manufacturing skills bearers of cultural and economic identity of their local areas. These will enter development processes and business creation in manufacturing output circuits and its businesses, if properly recombined in an innovative way.

The main objective of the Identity Hub is to increase the level of employability in the textile sector but also attract and create new professional figures that integrate with the system "know-how" present in the Mediterranean regions, able to recombine tradition and innovation, able to recombine manual processes with industrial processes, "Manus" and "Machina", to create process innovation and new business opportunities within a cross-cultural identity.

The target audience are students in post-graduate phase but also professionals who want to pursue a professional retraining course in the direction of the most advanced contemporary design.