Bidart (The Innovation Hub)

Coordinated By Estia - Ecole Supérieure Des Technologies Industrielles Avancées (France/Spain- Aquitaine-Euskadi Region)

The ambition of the Hub is the development of an emerging lab/platform for prototyping smart and/or circular textiles. The ambition of this platform is to support textile and fashion companies in their efforts to prototype innovative item, test new solutions before integrating and test new value chains in order to support transitions toward circular fashion and smart textiles.

First challenge is CIRCULAR involving new global and local systems and practices. Material designers and makers need spaces to experiment locally how better to re-imagine, to reduce, to re-use, to transform and to recycle as well as solutions from new material design to eco-efficient and zero waste processes that could be tested.

Second challenge of the Hub is SMART calling for new information and communication technologies. Prototyping these new technologies and their new uses the ambition of the platform relies on collecting, formalizing and transferring knowledge and expertise from Innovation Hub so that T&C  industry can benefit developing new business models. Four types of services can be provided around the platform access: business and innovation support, training, research collaboration and policy learning exchanges.