Izmir (The Awareness Hub)

Coordinated By Teksmer Technical Textile Research And Development Center (Turkey - Aegean Region)


The Awareness Hub will develop a strategy aimed to be a bridge between Cultural and Creative Industry and Textile and Clothing Industry in the Izmir Region according to regional innovation strategy. Teksmer will arrange organizations to raise awareness about the development of high added value products, importance of the creative design and also to establish the manufacturer-designer and academic cooperation. The strategic plan will be implemented to enhance the creative force in the sector industry by creating a bridge between textile and clothing enterprises, creatives actors as fashion designers, crafts, tailors and academicians to build international and national network in the region and abroad.

The integration of Teksmer into the network of Creativewear Project will guide Teksmer to improve skills, experiences in the field of CCI and the participation in new consortiums. With the improved awareness of creative and technical capabilities it is expected that advanced level and innovative projects will be generated by T&C industry in Izmir region. As a result of seminar, meetings and guidance of CWProject, in particular T&C industry will gain a certain level of know-how and the importance of creativity for the development of high added values.