Ljubljana Pilot (The Social Hub)


The Social Hub in Ljubljana focuses on the circular economy by connecting opportunities and needs of different T&C enterprises, using an inclusive approach driven by multi-disciplinary creativity. The Hub is structured around a social co-working factory (COF) offering services both to creatives and to T&C sector companies. The purpose of the pilot COF is to research and test the integration of the textile industry and creators in the field of social entrepreneurship and cooperation, but in a slightly different form, such as co-work known to us. The main purpose of the pilot testing itself is the participation of the industry with creators who include excluded from the labor market and vulnerable groups in their activities. The idea consists of different themes and areas that can be summarized in: close cooperation with the textile industry, implementation of cultural heritage and local arts, creation of jobs for vulnerable groups, short throwing workshops and fashion designers, ETRI labeling standards, and creation Basic textile products with the Etri label standard.

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