Palermo Pilot (The Crowd Hub)


The Crowd Hub in Palermo implements a cultural crowd-sourcing platform for matchmaking among creatives, T&C businesses, solution-providers and sponsors. This becomes a means for developing new business models for cultural actors and a tool for innovative cultural policies. The core idea is to focus on a T&C related topic (e.g. natural fibres, valorizing a personal collection of embroidery, memories of going to the tailor). The proposal can be accompanied by an offer of sponsorship in money, in kind (offer a collection, a space), or in promises (a guarantee of a number of tickets sold). On the other side those in the creative community can view the thematic offers and make proposals, for instance suggesting a video or a concert or a sculpture, providing a general idea of the time and cost involved.  So T&C industry will have the opportunity to explore the marketing potential and the awareness raising in innovative and unexpected proposals. Creatives can gain access to a truly creative activities ‘open market’ open to anyone and where the creative group sets the price developing initiatives that receive sufficient crowd funding to go ahead.

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