Prato Pilot (The Heritage Hub)


The Heritage Hub in Prato focuses on local industrial district’s significant textile heritage (catalogues, books, samples, collections, etc.) as a source of innovation for new T&C productions and a key element for the development of innovative heritage based business models, characterized by a high rate of creativity. The main objective of Pilot activities is to boost new interpretations in textile design through the enhancement of local companies historical archives and to foster new heritage marketing strategies focusing on creativity, quality and cultural added value. To achieve these goals it has been first developed a new software database (Heritage Manager) together with software training activities and cataloguing campaign consultancy, tended to offer to textile companies involved in The Heritage Hub path, the possibility to digitize and to catalog their historical archives, making them a well organized and available strength element. Afterwards it is designed a set of activities that include textile design consulting led by international designers and artists and marketing&communication activities such as brand communication and product storytelling intended valorize heritage key factor for new market strategies.

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