Thessaloniki (The Skills Hub)

Coordinated By Seepe Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (Greece – Macedonia)

In Northern Greece, T&C is the 2nd largest sector of industry for employment, exports and turnover. The Skills Hub aims to promote both the natural fibers value chain in collaboration with cultural actors and the skills and crafts of people working in it for boosting thematic tourism activities and promote the image of the T&C industry and its products.

It also aims to organize a transposition of the Athens Art Hub in Northern Greece, which will be open to artists and T&C actors from local area, but also from neighboring Balkan countries. This will consolidate the role of Thessaloniki as a Hub for activities aimed to new creative sectors.

The Hub will seek cooperation with CEDEFOP and OAED in order to develop innovative and creative ways for transmitting and preserving the necessary skills as it is already ongoing the cooperation with the Employment Agency in Thessaloniki within their Apprenticeship programmes.